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So who are we?


I am software developer, business analyst and program developer. I always was, but I had a few years (decades) of roundabout, but then I was glad to return to the iOS platform, as this may be the tool that can offer users the most.

Our History

SZM2 mainframe hardware, a classic of the Russian manufacturing industry. With Russian keyboard, buzzing green monochrome display, but already with tape access. That’s how it started. Almost. But luckily enough a few year later a smuggled IBM PC, being on the COCOM list, appeared and changed everything
Turbo Pascal and demo library are the heaven, a magic. Without specification, documentation. It was tough, but the way was worth it... Otherwise I wouldn’t be the man I am.
We managed to get the documentations and could learn from brains like Peter Norton (Norton Guide, TSR). Those happy years turning to assembly...
That wonderful Win3.1 appeared, and soon the TPW, then the BP, and we got stuck in the Borland moorland for years
Business Process Redesign, i.e. getting to know the user reality from the other side. It seemed to be a great change, but at last this is just programming as well, only a bit differently.
Apple, iOS, Objective-C, user experience and the likes