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Candies is a brand new and fresh Candy

Like or Dislike? This is the Question...

If you have forgotten important information about friends, family members ... then you know how important it is to write down all these things. You want to buy presents for Xmas? Or prepare a surprise dinner for your partner? You don’t remember the favorite cartoon figure of your nephew? It’s time to make a list of who likes what! Add the favorite author of your mother, the favorite parfume of your girlfriend, the flowers your grandma likes, or the coctails your colleagues prefer. Add more than one thing and rate them according to preference. Write down and don’t forget what people don’t like and you won’t feel embarrased because of the wrongly selected birthday present.

Key features
- unlimited people
- unlimited things per person
- like or dislike if you want to see
- carryover from the address book information

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