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Project and task manager, in which you can keep record of your time as per client, project resp. tasks. You can manage any number of clients, projects and tasks at the same time. You can assign projects to certain clients, thus you can register the time that you devoted to these. The recorded data can be sent to your desk top and there you can freely analyse the inputs with the help of a spreadsheet. You can either keep or delete the data, or you can simply deactivate the unused items (clients, projects, tasks).

Clients Basic data, availability of the client Projects of the client Tasks related to the client

Projects Basic data and short description of the project List of the tasks related to the project

Tasks Basic data and short description of the tasks Task can be assigned to clients, projects

Timer You can start a new timer anytime Timer data can be modified later as well (except for the time) You can stop and restart the timer The timer keeps counting also when the program is switched off

Logs The recorded times can be displayed in list view as well You have access to a monthly summary as per client and project as well A monthly summary of clients or projects can be displayed on a chart Export in CSV format


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