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Full Controll Vehicle Management (car, airplane, boat, bicycle, motorbike, etc...).

Vehicle is an application meant for supporting both individuals and enterprises. Let it be mom’s car or the trucks of a transport company, Vehicle is ideal for the management of key data of the vehicles, for recording and tracking events, summarizing expenses. Vehicle supports the management of 21 types of vehicles, data are specified accordingly. You may generate alerts in order to do things at the right time, such as oil change, break control, tyre rotation, etc. Vehicle also includes route planning, offering the option to save routes and make calculations as well. Among the 7 types of events you can register e.g. damage events and attach photos of it, store related expenses. Diagrams support the mapping of expenses, providing an easy overview of the budget. With all these feature Vehicle is handy enough to be a practical tool for the family, but including a wide range of functions that make it fit for the management of a vehicle park of small- to medium-sized enterprises as well.

Key features:
- full controll, unlimited vehicles
- easy and intuitive user interface
- full cost controll

Vehicle types:
- bicycle
- moped
- motorbike
- car
- van
- truck
- airplane
- ballon
- etc…

- fueling
- shopping
- service and maintance
- accident controll
- and more

Alert system:
- service
- oil change
- pressure check
- etc


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